Bobby Darin - Things & Other Things

Bobby Darin - Things & Other Things

Catalogue Code: 714362

Barcode: 5050457143626

Release Date: 2 Dec 2013

'The talented world of Bobby Darin is made up of many things. Besides Bobby Darin the singer, there is also Bobby Darin, the skilled writer of popular songs; Bobby Darin, the gifted piano stylist; and Bobby Darin, the busy Hollywood actor. The dozen performances on this album are a tour de force of the many things that made Darin a permanent fixture in the enterainment world.' Bobby had left Atco records by the time this record was released, despite all the kind things they said about him on the sleevenotes. He would write all but two of the twelve tracks on display, with his own songwriting encompassing many different musical genres, proof that his abilities and talents were way above those of his contemporaries. and, although this album was effectively put together from various left over sessions, it still retains a sparkle, one that was enough to help it to #45 on the American album chart.

1. Things
2. I'll Be There
3. Lost Love
4. Look For My True Love
5. Beachcomber
6. Now We're One
7. You're Mine
8. Oo-ee-Train
9. Jailer Bring Me Water
10. Nature Boy
11. Theme From 'Come September'
12. Sorrow Tomorrow