Henry Mancini - The Mancini Touch

Henry Mancini - The Mancini Touch

Catalogue Code: 716952

Barcode: 5050457169527

Release Date: 23 Jun 2017

His many film scores and soundtracks undoubtedly made his name and reputation, but they also allowed him the room to try other musical ventures, confident that the record company would back him all the way. Not for nothing was one of his albums entitled The Versatile Henry Mancini, as he would prove time and time again. Equally apt is The Mancini Touch, an album originally released in 1959 at a time when he was especially hot with his work on Peter Gunn. The Mancini Touch is an altogether different album, mixing jazz with dance and given extra scope thanks to a thirty five piece orchestra that accompanies him. The end result is one of his most enthralling albums.

1. Bijou
2. Mostly For Lovers
3. Like Young
4. My One And Only Love
5. Politely
6. Trav'lin' Light
7. Let's Walk
8. Snowfall
9. A Cool Shade Of Blue
10. Robbin's Nest
11. Free And Easy
12. That's All