Marty Robbins - Marty Robbins

Marty Robbins - Marty Robbins

Catalogue Code: 716712

Barcode: 5050457167127

Release Date: 28 Oct 2016

One of the biggest country music stars of the 1950s, Marty Robbins achieved legendary status with his series of Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs albums. The second in the series won Marty the Grammy Award for Best Country & Western Recording, but as this particular album highlights, there is a quality to virtually all of his recordings from this era. Released in 1958 it can be seen as something of a trial run for the later Gunfighter albums, featuring a fair smattering of material that was penned by Marty. This is an outstanding album, but you seldom expect anything less from Marty Robbins.

1. Kaw-Liga
2. Jodie
3. Nothing But Sweet Lies
4. Oh How I Miss You (Since You Went Away)
5. Baby I Need You
6. Shackles And Chains
7. Waltz Of The Wind
8. Paper Face
9. Then I Turned And Walked Slowly Away
10. Wedding Bells
11. A House With Everything But Love
12. The Hands You're Holding Now