Marty Wilde - Rock! Rock! Rock N Roll

Marty Wilde - Rock! Rock! Rock N Roll

Catalogue Code: 716122

Barcode: 5050457161224

Release Date: 25 Sep 2015

One of several artists who broke through at the tail end of the 1950s as Britain embraced the rock and roll craze, Marty Wilde scored his first hit in 1958 and is still touring more than fifty seven years later, a remarkable endurance record. This compilation gathers together thirteen of Marty Wilde’s best known rock and roll recordings, including such hits as Teenager In Love, Sea Of Love and Rubber Ball. There are also hits that Marty penned himself, including Bad Boy, a UK Top Ten hit which was covered for the American market by Robin Luke. A collection such as this would be relevant at almost any time, given Marty’s enduring and endearing popularity. It is not just a nostalgia thing, for Marty continues to tour with The Wildcats, performing a rock and roll show around the country on a regular basis – this album is as close to a soundtrack as you’re likely to get!

1. Down The Line
2. Mean Woman Blues
3. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
4. Danny
5. Splish Splash
6. High School Confidential
7. Bad Boy
8. Sea Of Love
9. Teenager In Love
10. Endless Sleep
11. Rubber Ball
12. When Does It Get To Be Love
13. One Last Kiss