Jeff Chandler - Jeff Chandler Sings To You

Jeff Chandler - Jeff Chandler Sings To You

Catalogue Code: 716082

Barcode: 5050457160821

Release Date: 25 Sep 2015

Back in the 1950s, it sometimes seemed as though virtually every actor used their new found stardom as the launch pad for a parallel singing career. Alongside the obvious Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin (who, of course, used their singing notoriety to get a kick-start in Hollywood) there were the likes of Pernell Roberts (best known for Bonanza), Robert Mitchum, Rock Hudson and Jeff Chandler. Although Jeff was never considered a serious singer, all the evidence points to a man who could not only hold a tune but could write one as well, and Jeff Chandler Sings For You contains two examples of his songwriting abilities in You And I and Tell Me. He would also create his own musical company and record for two of the biggest record labels of the era, so whilst his appeal may have been somewhat limited, his talent was widely recognised. Sings For You is an appealing album; Jeff’s soft, under-stated delivery is somewhat monotone in style (again reminiscent of Dean Martin) but reveals that Jeff is fully conversant with the emotional content of each and every song.

1. A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
2. Hold Me
3. With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming
4. The More I See You
5. To You
6. You And I
7. I'll String Along With You
8. Welcome Stranger
9. I Wished On The Moon
10. Where Am I
11. Tell Me
12. Let's Get Lost