Stanley Unwin - Rotatey Diskers With Unwin

Stanley Unwin - Rotatey Diskers With Unwin

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Release Date: 17 Jul 2015

One of the most unique and distinctive comedians of his era, Stanley Unwin invented his own language, Unwinese, which kept children and adults alike entertained for years. It was originally created to keep his own children amused, subsequently finding a greater audience through the medium of radio and subsequently television and film. Stanley himself would also go on to influence such comics as Spike Milligan, Peter Cook and Freddie Starr and the Monty Python crew. In 1961 Stanley was given the opportunity of recording an album by Pye Records. Originally split into two distinct sections, the first side (tracks 1 to 5) was recorded in the studio, whilst the second side (tracks 6 to 8) were recorded live at the Astor Club in Berkeley Square. The first half therefore features Stanley’s take on such children’s stories as The Pied Piper of Hamlet and Goldilocks and the Three Bears and other solo musings. It is the second section that shows that Stanley at is best and offers proof that Unwinese was unscripted; Stanley asks members of the press for questions on an array of topics and proceeds to give a series of spontaneous answers. The three tracks from this live recording are among the best he ever performed and, with a little concentration, are still relatively easy to follow!

1. The Pidey Pipeload Of Hamling
2. Goldyloppers And The Three Bearloaders
3. Olympicold B.C.
4. Hi-De-Fido
5. Artycraft
6. The Populode Of The Musicolly
7. Classicold Musee
8. Professor Unwin Anwsery Most Questions On Manifold Subjy, Such As: Elvis Presley, The Top Twenty, Tottenham Hotspur, Musical Mangles, Trends In Music, Frank Sinatra, Lady Chatterley's Lover, Musical Academics