Les Baxter - Space Escapade

Les Baxter - Space Escapade

Catalogue Code: 715902

Barcode: 5050457159023

Release Date: 18 May 2015

Alongside Martin Denny, Les Baxter was the leading figure in the history of exotica. Where Les held the advantage, however, was his ability to predict or even influence future developments in the genre. He was the first artist to explore ‘space’ in exotica, later repeating the feat with jungle and percussion. And then he returned to the space theme, at much the same time everyone was talking about the real space race between the Americans and the Soviets. Space Escapade is very much a musical exploration. Les composed and arranged all twelve tracks on display and, as a later writer would note, ‘offered a package tour in sound, selling tickets to sedentary tourists who want to stroll around some taboo emotions before lunch, view a pagan ceremony, go wild in the sun or conjure up a demon, all without leaving home hi-fi comforts in the suburbs.’

1. Shooting Star
2. Moonscape
3. Mr Robot
4. The City
5. A Distant Star
6. The Commuter
7. Winds Of Sirius
8. The Other Side Of The Moon
9. Somewhere In Space
10. Earth Light
11. The Lady Is Blue
12. Saturday Night On Saturn