Martin Denny - Hypnotique

Martin Denny - Hypnotique

Catalogue Code: 715892

Barcode: 5050457158927

Release Date: 18 May 2015

Credited with being the father of exotica, Martin Denny enjoyed a hugely successful career once he’d established his own niche. Hypnotique was the fifth of his space age pop albums and featured guest appearances by Barbara Smith, John Mechigashari and Francis Lee alongside the John Halloran Singers. Like many of his other albums, the material is largely made up of cover versions alongside one or two originals. Yet what made each and every album so special was the unique arrangement Martin was able to construct, turning standard pop and showtunes into veritable exotica classics. On Hypnotique the source material is stretched even further, with WC Handy’s St Louis Blues’ among the eleven tracks on display.

1. Jungle Madness
2. On A Little Street In Singapore
3. Voodoo Dreams
4. Chinese Lullaby
5. Hypnotique
6. St Louis Blues
7. We Kiss In A Shadow
8. Summertime
9. Scimitar
10. American In Bali
11. Japanese Sandman