Jerry Butler - Jerry Butler Esq.

Jerry Butler - Jerry Butler Esq.

Catalogue Code: 715832

Barcode: 5050457158323

Release Date: 13 Apr 2015

Initially a member of The Impressions, Jerry Butler was quickly singled out for special attention by Vee Jay Records, a move that didn’t exactly please his erstwhile band mates. However, the success of For Your Precious Love, which received a dual credit for both Jerry and The Impressions, was the signal for two successful recording entities to emerge. Jerry Butler Esq is his debut album and one that finds him more of a supper club singer than an out and out R&B singer. This is not intended in any way detrimental to Jerry, for there is no doubt that he can handle the material with ease, including a reworking of For Your Precious Love, September Song and Come Back My Love.

1. September Song
2. For Your Precious Love
3. Don't Take Your Love From Me
4. Come Back My Love
5. If You Let Me
6. The Challenge
7. Chi Town
8. Rainbow Valley
9. I Was Wrong
10. Lost
11. No End Or Time
12. You Go Right Through Me