Richard 'Groove' Holmes - Groove

Richard 'Groove' Holmes - Groove

Catalogue Code: 715472

Barcode: 5050457154721

Release Date: 19 Aug 2016

The debut album from Richard Holmes, Groove was originally issued in 1961 on the Pacific Jazz label. Richard had been brought to the label by Les McCann, and McCann features prominently on both the cover (the album was officially titled Les McCann Presents The Dynamic Jazz Organ of Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes) and on piano. The album had originally been intended as a vocal album for Les McCann, but the assorted musicians who gathered for the recording had such an enjoyable time during the warm-up session that it was decided to craft a further album out of the studio, resulting in Groove. The end result is a spontaneous recording, with all six assembled musicians contributing greatly to the proceedings.

1. Them That's Got
2. That Healin' Feelin'
3. Seven Come Eleven
4. Deep Purple
5. Good Groove