Katie Lee - Life Is Just A Bed Of Neuroses

Katie Lee - Life Is Just A Bed Of Neuroses

Catalogue Code: 715092

Barcode: 5050457150921

Release Date: 18 Aug 2014

Over the years, Songs of Couch and Consultation has become something of a cult success, aided by the extraction of the track It Must Be Psychological to appear in a worldwide commercial campaign for Lynx deodorant. That in turn has led to an upswing in interest towards Katie’s other album of eclectic material, Life Is Just A Bed of Neuroses. Recorded with Ray Martin and His Orchestra and produced by Ed Begley, the album was intended as something of a sequel and therefore appealed to the same demented audience that had taken Songs of Couch to heart, including the genre’s other leading exponent, Tom Lehrer. The material came from different sources compared with Songs of Couch, but the end effect is still the same; another compelling album from the Arizonian folk singer.

1. Life Is Just A Bed Of Neuroses
2. Case History ('A' Loves 'B' Loves 'C')
3. Why Johnny Why
4. Love That Man
5. Mental Blocks
6. Be Miserable
7. The Ballad For Group Therapy
8. We Must Adjust
9. The Insecure Tango
10. Don'tville
11. When I Was A Little Girl
12. The Get Well March