Jackie McLean - Swing Swang Swingin’

Jackie McLean - Swing Swang Swingin’

Catalogue Code: 714982

Barcode: 5050457149826

Release Date: 22 Sep 2014

Something of a departure for not only Jackie McLean but Blue Note too, Swing Swang Swingin’ relies on standard repertoire much more than previous albums. It’s an interesting variation from the norm too, aided by some excellent playing by saxophonist Jackie McLean, alongside Walter Bishop (piano), Jimmy Garrison (bass) and Art Taylor (drums). And what of the repertoire? Several of the tracks were perhaps never intended to be given jazz interpretations, but Jackie does a mean job in dispelling any doubts as to their suitability. Let’s Face The Music And Dance, for example, is best known through Fred Astaire’s version that appeared in the film The Fleet’s In, a movie that also gave rise to I Remember You. Both songs are given extended workouts by Jackie and his crew, resulting in a series of impassioned improvisations. Jackie’s playing always fits the mood of the song, and as a result Swing Swang Swingin’ would mark the launch of an incredible hot streak for Jackie McLean.

1. What's New
2. Let's Face The Music And Dance
3. Stablemates
4. I Remember You
5. I Love You
6. I'll Take Romance
7. 116th And Lenox