Josh White - Empty Bed Blues

Josh White - Empty Bed Blues

Catalogue Code: 714972

Barcode: 5050457149727

Release Date: 10 Nov 2014

Whilst he was seldom seen on American television during the 1950s, a direct result of getting caught up in the McCarthy Communist witch-hunt, Josh White still managed to turn out a succession of important and vital albums. Promotion, at least Stateside, may have been difficult, but he was still revered in Europe (so much so that he relocated to Britain in 1950), where he would eventually host his own show on BBC radio, My Guitar Is Old As Father Time. Empty Bed Blues was to be his final album for the Elektra label, with the repertoire a surprisingly risqué collection of songs. It is also something of a departure from his trademark sound, but the change proved as good as a rest. Featuring additional accompaniment from bassist Bill Lee, this album represents Josh at his best. He is also responsible for much of the album’s material (or at least is credited for much of it – no doubt several of the songs are traditional spiritual and blues numbers that have been adapted by Josh), although one of the exceptions is the album’s title track. Here Josh gives a fine rendition of a song made most famous by Bessie Smith.

1. Empty Bed Blues
2. Mother On That Train
3. Bottle Up And Go
4. Backwater Blues
5. Baby Baby Blues
6. Lord Have Mercy
7. Home In That Rock
8. Paul And Silas
9. His Eye Is On The Sparrow
10. That Suits Me