King Curtis - Soul Twist

King Curtis - Soul Twist

Catalogue Code: 714542

Barcode: 5050457145422

Release Date: 18 Nov 2013

One of the most highly respected and widely regarded tenor saxophonists of all time, King Curtis played on more than a thousand recording dates for artists as diverse as Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and Aretha Franklin. His solo career was not without its high spots too, commencing with The Good Old Fifties in 1959, with his first major hit coming in 1962 with Soul Twist. Credited to King Curtis & The Noble Knights, it was one of series of twist inspired outings he recorded for Bobby Robinson’s Enjoy label. Later the same year, those tracks were gathered together for the album Soul Twist With King Curtis, today something of a curio given his later success with tracks such as Memphis Soul Stew and Ode To Billie Joe. As you might expect, the playing throughout is top quality.

1. Soul Twist
2. Twisting Time
3. What'd I Say
4. I Know
5. Sack O' Woe Twist
6. Camp Meetin'
7. Wobble Twist
8. Irresistible You
9. Big Dipper
10. Twisting With The King
11. Midnight Blue