The Sherrys - At The Hop With The Sherrys

The Sherrys - At The Hop With The Sherrys

Catalogue Code: 713792

Barcode: 5050457137922

Release Date: 20 May 2013

The Sherrys' enjoyed an extremely brief recording career, exploding onto the scene with their hit single Pop Pop Pop-Pie, which capitalised on the Popeye dance craze. Based around sisters Delphine and Dinell Cook, the daughters of Philadelphia singer Little Joe Cook, and their cousin Charlotte Butler, with the future Tammi Terrell (then known as Tammy Montgomery) also briefly as member, although she does not appear on the hit single. Delores 'Honey' Wiley was also a one time member, but it is the Cook sisters and Butler who were to appear on the cover to the group's only album, At the Hop, released on the Guyden label in 1962. Pop Pop Pop-Pie hit #25 on both the pop and R&B chart, but subsequent releases fared less well, with The Sherrys considered little more than a one hit wonder in their US homeland. In Europe, however, they attracted considerable attention, enough to warrant two tours before the group name was eventually retired. Their only album has long been highly sought after, containing as it does several other dance inspired tunes.

1. At The Hop
2. Dance
3. Slop Time
4. Dancin' The Strand
5. Ooh-La-La-Limbo
6. Let's Stomp Again
7. Pop Pop Pop-Pie
8. Bristol Twistin' Danny
9. The Fly
10. Double Order Mashed Potatoes
11. The New Cha-Cha-Cha
12. The Last Dance