Ken Nordine - Word Jazz

Ken Nordine - Word Jazz

Catalogue Code: 713742

Barcode: 5050457137427

Release Date: 15 Apr 2013

It is a matter of debate whether Ken Nordine’s Word Jazz album (and its sequels) should be categorised as comedy, jazz or popular, or perhaps put into a category all of its own. Either way, Word Jazz is certainly unique; a mix of Ken narrating over cool jazz from the Chico Hamilton jazz group, who are billed as the Fred Katz group for the purposes of this album. The overall effect has been described as akin to a radio announcer performing beat poetry, which is probably as close a description as you are likely to get.

1. What Time Is It?
2. My Baby
3. The Sound Museum
4. The Vidiot
5. Roger
6. Hunger Is From
7. Looks Like It's Going To Rain
8. Flibberty Jib