Ricky Nelson - Album 7 By Rick

Ricky Nelson - Album 7 By Rick

Catalogue Code: 713552

Barcode: 5050457135522

Release Date: 25 Feb 2013

Many years after the event, it was revealed that Rick Nelson never actually undertook recordings for albums; his numerous LP releases were invariably culled from the many sessions he did for his singles. As a result, there is invariably a disjointed feel to a Rick Nelson album, with tracks being recorded over a considerable period of time, without any real focus and inevitably featuring tracks that weren’t hits or never intended to be. Album 7 bucks the trend somewhat, since whilst it was compiled in much the same way as its predecessors, it just serves to showcase the talented and creative team of writers that Rick surrounded himself with. His choice of material is also top quality, with his version of I Can’t Stop Loving You actually hitting the market a good couple of months before Ray Charles took the same song to the top of the chart. Whilst there are no hit singles on display, it is a much more consistent album than his previous efforts and worthy of a revisit today.

1. Summertime
2. Congratulations
3. Baby You Don't Know
4. I Can't Stop Loving You
5. Excuse Me Baby
6. History Of Love
7. Today's Teardrops
8. Mad Mad World
9. Thank You Darling
10. Poor Loser
11. Stop Sneakin' Around
12. There's Not A Minute