Mary Wells - The One Who Really Loves You

Mary Wells - The One Who Really Loves You

Catalogue Code: 712992

Barcode: 5050457129927

Release Date: 1 Jan 2013

Mary Wells’ place as the First Lady of Motown was well and truly confirmed in 1962, thanks in large part to the runaway success of the singles The One Who Really Loves You and You Beat Me To The Punch, both of which hit the Top Ten of the pop chart. Both were written by Smokey Robinson, the second in conjunction with fellow Miracle Ronnie White, and feature The Love-Tones, a male group who briefly offered the same kind of vocal accompaniment that The Andantes would later provide. Although there is no producer credit on the resulting album, it has the stamp of Smokey running all the way through like a stick of rock. Together, Mary and Smokey were a winning combination, one which would reach its peak with My Guy, but much of this album is of the same kind of calibre.

1. The One Who Really Loves You
2. Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right
3. You Beat Me To The Punch
4. I've Got A Notion
5. The Day Will Come
6. Strange Love
7. You're My Desire
8. I'll Still Be Around
9. She Don't Love You
10. Drifting Love