The Marvelettes - Smash Hits Of 62'

The Marvelettes - Smash Hits Of 62'

Catalogue Code: 712982

Barcode: 5050457129828

Release Date: 1 Jan 2013

Motown was never afraid to try and cash in on a craze, irrespective of the source, and even more so during their early, formative years. As The Marvelettes’ Please Mr Postman single was winding its way up the chart, Berry Gordy sent the group into the studio to record an album, released shortly after as Please Mr Postman, but the lack of a strong second single meant the album was largely ignored. Just as the single was reaching its peak (it would go on to top the chart), Berry’s other great hope, an album by The Twistin’ Kings, designed to capitalise on the suddenly popular twist dance craze, also stiffed, meaning Motown stood likely to miss out on the chance for some easy money. The Marvelettes were sent back into the studio and in less than a month came up with Smash Hits Of 62, with only Twistin’ Postman a total original, but since it married the two ideas together, it was likely to cause something of a stir. The single did indeed become a success, hitting the Top 40 pop and Top 20 R&B, but the rest of the album features cover versions of hits by Bruce Channel, Roy Orbison, Sam Cooke and Elvis Presley, among others. The album would be repackaged and titled the following year as The Marvelettes Sing, although such had been Motown’s haste to get the album out to the market, no one appeared to have noticed that The Marvelettes name had been misspelt Marveletts!

1. Mashed Potato Time
2. Love Letters
3. The One Who Really Loves You
4. Twistin' The Night Away
5. Hey Baby
6. Twistin' Postman
7. Good Luck Charm
8. Slow Twist
9. Lover Please
10. Dream Baby