Marty Robbins - Marty After Midnight

Marty Robbins - Marty After Midnight

Catalogue Code: 712962

Barcode: 5050457129620

Release Date: 1 Jan 2013

Best known as a country singer, indeed one of the finest the genre produced over the course of fifty years or so, Marty Robbins was never afraid to stretch himself vocally. If this meant switching styles and genres, then Marty would throw himself just as enthusiastically into another style. This album is effectively a collection of jazz standards, but rather than attempt to give all of them a country flavour, which several other artists had attempted previously, Marty sings them pretty much as they were intended to be sung. This leaves the album to be judged on Marty’s capabilities as a jazz singer – whilst he was known to make a number of jazz recordings over the course of his career, it was never a concerted effort. Yet on the evidence of this album, it is one he could have carried off more than competently had he so wished. Long standing Marty Robbins fans looking for his country phrasing may well be disappointed, but there is much to marvel at as he effortlessly glides thorugh the twelve standards of the day.

1. I'm In The Mood For Love
2. Misty
3. Looking Back
4. September In the Rain
5. Don't Throw Me Away
6. Pennies From Heaven
7. Summertime
8. All The Way
9. It Had To Be You
10. I'm Having A Ball
11. If I Could Cry
12. On The Sunny Side Of The Street