James Brown - Please Please Please

James Brown - Please Please Please

Catalogue Code: 712042

Barcode: 5050457120429

Release Date: 16 Jul 2012

James Brown & The Famous Flames debut album was not so much compiled as cobbled together, bringing together his first hit single in Please Please Please, his first number one in Try Me and a host of misses. Indeed, if Try Me hadn't become a hit, King Records were likely to drop James from the label. As the album is a gathering of material recorded over a three year period, it lacks the focus his later albums would display. Yet as a historical release, it showcases his writing and performing abilities perfectly.

1. Please Please Please
2. Chonnie-On-Chon
3. Hold My Baby's Hand
4. I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On
5. Just Won't Do Right
6. Baby Cries Over The Ocean
7. I Don't Know
8. Tell Me What I Did Wrong
9. Try Me
10. That Dood It
11. Begging, Begging
12. I Walked Alone
13. No, No, No, No
14. That's When I Lost My Heart
15. Let's Make It
16. Love Or A Game