Mantovani - Music From The Films

Mantovani - Music From The Films

Catalogue Code: 710522

Barcode: 5050457105228

Release Date: 19 Sep 2011

Whilst Mantovani's reputation was undoubtedly made thanks to the cascading string effect he virtually patented, he was not afraid to try other musical styles. Such a change is evident on Music From The Films, which also features popular piano duo Marjan Rawicz and Walter Landauer, with Warsaw Concerto long regarded as their crowning piece. The combination proved irrisistable and produced a stunning album in Music From the Films, one of the best selling Mantovani albums.

1. Warsaw Concerto
2. Serenata D'Amore
3. The Dream Of Olwen
4. The Legend Of The Glass Mountain
5. Story Of Three Loves
6. Cornish Rhapsody