Peter Sellers - Peter And Sophia

Peter Sellers - Peter And Sophia

Catalogue Code: 709972

Barcode: 5050457099725

Release Date: 18 Apr 2011

When Peter Sellers told George Martin that he was filming The Millionairess with Sophia Loren, the producer suggested they record a song in character. The result was Goodness Gracious Me, which Martin hoped would be incorporated into the film, but whilst the film's producers were happy with the attendant publicity, they didn't feel the song belonged on the soundtrack. It proved immensely popular however, hitting #4 and prompting a follow-up in Bangers And Mash, a Top 30 hit in January 1961. George Martin also got the pair to record an album, although Peter and Sophia only feature together on four tracks. The rest feature Sophia as a singer and Peter as, well, as Peter Sellers in a variety of different characters.

1. Goodness Gracious Me
2. Smith
3. Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo
4. Ukelele Lady
5. Setting Fire To The Policeman
6. Bangers And Mash
7. Oh! Lady Be Good
8. To Keep My Love Alive
9. Why Worry?
10. Grandpa's Grave
11. I Fell In Love With An Englishman
12. Africa Today
13. Fare Thee Well