Guy Mitchell - A Guy In Love

Guy Mitchell - A Guy In Love

Catalogue Code: 709732

Barcode: 5050457097325

Release Date: 20 Sep 2010

Whilst his hits were almost novelty-style songs, Guy Mitchell was also an accomplished crooner with a technique reminiscent of Bing Crosby. For A Guy In Love, Guy picked some ten or so romantic songs that had first been hits during the 1930s, rounded them off with two more recent hits (Allegheny Moon, from 1956 and Where I May Live from 1952) to produce a nostalgic look at romance.

1. Symphony Of Spring
2. East Of The Sun
3. The Moon Got In My Eyes
4. So Do I
5. Allegheny Moon
6. Where I May Live With My Love
7. Pennies From Heaven
8. Under A Blanket Of Blue
9. Me And The Moon
10. The Singing Hills
11. East Side Of Heaven
12. Was It Rain