Paddy Roberts - Strictly For Grown-Ups

Paddy Roberts - Strictly For Grown-Ups

Catalogue Code: 709172

Barcode: 5050457091729

Release Date: 24 May 2010

A former lawyer and pilot who saw action during the Second World War, Paddy Roberts became a highly successful songwriter during the 1950s, penning major hits for David Whitfield, Anne Shelton, Max Bygraves, Ruby Murray and Lita Roza, among others. His abilities were sufficient to earn him two Ivor Novello Awards, yet when it came to his own recording career, he opted to pursue a different path. Whilst his hits for other artists had been wholesome material, he chose slightly risqué material for Strictly For Grown-Ups. Along with Tom Lehrer and to a lesser extent Peter Sellers, Paddy Roberts was at the forefront of a musical comedy boom at the end of the 1950s.

1. Love Isn't What It Used To be
2. Follow Me
3. Don't Upset The Little Kiddie-Winks
4. The Architect
5. The Big Dee Jay
6. L'Anglais Avec Son Sang Froid
7. The Ballad Of Bethnal Green
8. Love In A Mist
9. A Short Song
10. Growing Old
11. I've Got The Blues
12. Lavender Cowboy
13. Poor Little Country Girl