Peter Sellers - Songs For Swingin' Sellers

Peter Sellers - Songs For Swingin' Sellers

Catalogue Code: 707912

Barcode: 5050457079123

Release Date: 12 Apr 2010

Whilst the title was no doubt inspired by Frank Sinatra, there are very few songs on this album. Instead, we are treated to virtually the full gamut of Peter Sellers’ comic talents; the public school headmaster welcoming a would-be student and his father, the Lonnie Donegan lampoon of Lenny Goonegan, the wonderful sketch with Irene Handl; virtually every track is something of a gem. More importantly, whilst much of The Goons material now sounds dated, Songs For Swingin’ Sellers sounds as fresh and funny now as it did when originally released. All praise to Peter and producer George Martin for that.

1. You Keep Me Swingin'
2. So Little Time
3. The Contemporary Scene 1
4. My Old Dutch
5. The Contemporary Scene 2
6. Puttin' On The Smile
7. Common Entrance
8. I Haven't Told Her, She Hasn't Told Me (But We Know It Just The Same)
9. Shadows On The Grass
10. Wouldn't It Be Loverly
11. We'll Let You Know
12. Peter Sellers Sings Gershwin