Frankie Lymon - Rock & Roll With Frankie Lymon

Frankie Lymon - Rock & Roll With Frankie Lymon

Catalogue Code: 707352

Barcode: 5050457073527

Release Date: 17 Aug 2009

Originally released in 1958 on the Roulette label, Rock & Roll With Frankie Lymon would mark the final album release by a young man who had seemingly been on the verge of lasting greatness barely two years previously. The international success of Why Do Fools Fall In Love in 1956 had catapulted Frankie and The Teenagers into the limelight - Gee Records (and subsequently Roulette Records, who took over Gee Records contracts and artists in 1957) gave Frankie top billing, prompting a split between Frankie and The Teenagers in early 1957. Yet fame proved to be fleeting; none of his solo recordings matched the success or excitement of the earlier group recordings. This coupled with a growing drug problem and controversy over Frankie dancing with a white girl on a television show virtually ended his career before the decade was out. This album therefore represents the final glow of fame and fortune for Frankie Lymon.

1. Buzz Buzz Buzz
2. Waiting In School
3. Wake Up Little Susie
4. Silhouettes
5. Next Time You See Me
6. Send For Me
7. It Hurts To Be In Love
8. Jailhouse Rock
9. Diana
10. Searchin'
11. Short Fat Fannie
12. Little Bitty Pretty One