Jackie Wilson - He's So Fine

Jackie Wilson - He's So Fine

Catalogue Code: 707242

Barcode: 5050457072421

Release Date: 13 Apr 2009

A former member of The Dominoes, Jackie Wilson was signed as a solo singer to Brunswick Records in 1957, with his manager Nat Tarnapol handing him a number of songs that had been written by former boxer and motor plant worker Berry Gordy. The first of these, Reet Petite became a modest R&B hit but made the Top 10 in the UK. Further hits, such as To Be Loved, made Jackie a major star, although Tarnapol and Gordy eventually had a falling out over royalties and Gordy would go on to form Motown Recordfs, but that, as they say, is another story. There had been enough material recorded before the split to ensure there was an album released in the aftermath of Reet Petite, with He's So Fine being released in 1958. Whilst it did not chart at the time, it did sell sufficiently well enough to make Jackie an even bigger star within R&B circles.

1. Etcetra
2. To Be Loved
3. Come Back To Me
4. If I Can't Have You
5. As Long As I Live
6. Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want To Meet)
7. It's Too Bad We Had To Say Goodbye
8. Why Can't You Be Mine
9. I'm Wanderin'
10. Right Now!
11. Danny Boy
12. It's So Fine