The Goons - Ying Tong Songs

The Goons - Ying Tong Songs

Catalogue Code: 706812

Barcode: 5050457068127

Release Date: 11 Feb 2008

Almost as manic as the radio show from where they originated, the music that featured in and around The Goon Show has developed a cult status all of its own. As with the radio show itself, much of the music came from the pen and mind of Spike Milligan, one of the greatest comic geniuses Britain has ever produced. I'm Walking Backwards For Christmas was originally performed by Spike in one show as a fill in during a musicians' strike, yet would go on to become a surprise Top Ten hit in 1956 when released as a single. The 'group' scored another Top Ten smash with Bloodnock's Rock N Roll Song backed with Ying Tong Song, with the latter subsequently returning to the Top Ten when reissued in 1973. As a bonus (and to pad the album out a bit) we've also included two Peter Sellers' tracks in Any Old Iron and Boiled Beef And Carrots, with the former a Top 20 hit in 1957.

1. I'm Walking Backwards For Christmas
2. Ying Tong Song
3. A Russian Love Song
4. Whistle Your Cares Away
5. Bloodnok's Rock 'N' Roll Call
6. My September Love
7. Bluebottle Blues
8. You Gotta Go Oww!
9. I Love You
10. Eeh! Ah! Oh! Ooh!
11. Any Old Iron
12. Bolied Beef And Carrots