Flanagan & Allen - Underneath The Arches

Flanagan & Allen - Underneath The Arches

Catalogue Code: 703642

Barcode: 5050457036423

Release Date: 12 Aug 2002

Bud Flanagan (real name Robert Winthrop) and Chesney Allen first linked in the Crazy Gang, but were to find everlasting fame when they paired up as a duo. Their initial success came via the music hall, and whilst they were no mean comics, it is their ability to come up with immediately catchy songs that ensured their place in folklore. Songs such as 'Underneath The Arches', 'Umbrella Man' and 'Home Town' are as much a part of variety performances today as they were then. Flanagan and Allen were also able to transfer their popularity over to films, including Underneath The Arches, Alf’s Button Afloat and We’ll Smile Again. This album features the twenty songs most associated with the legendary music hall act.

1. Underneath The Arches
2. Run Rabbit Run
3. We're Gonna Hang Out The Washing On The Siegfried Line
4. How Do You Do, Mr Right?
5. Yesterday’s Dreams
6. If A Grey Haired Lady Says ‘How’s Ya Father?’
7. Wanderer
8. Umbrella Man
9. Sending Out An SOS For You
10. The New MP
11. Milking Time In Switzerland
12. Free
13. The Sport Of Kings
14. Music Maestro
15. FDR Jones
16. Home Town
17. Nice People
18. Dreaming
19. Are You Havin’ Any Fun?
20. Let’s Be Buddies